Bolshevik-Leninist has fused with the Spartacist League of Australia. This website will continue to run for archival purposes.

Bolshevik-Leninist formed not as a group but as a self described “collection of individuals”. That is, we recognised that we were not functioning as the Marxist nucleus we strove to create. This was for a myriad of reasons, us being scattered geographically for example, but ultimately it centred around the point that we were not intervening as an active revolutionary factor in Australia. That fact has been true for the bulk of our existence. While at the time we thought this was mostly an organisational question to be organically resolved, as we approached forming a more geographically cohered group it became more and more clear that BL’s transition from a “collection of individuals” to a Marxist nucleus had to be much more than drafting some organisational guidelines and setting up a dues system. The period after B-L cohered ourselves as a small group in Melbourne (near the start of 2023) was one of political turmoil and struggle in the fight to become a revolutionary factor.

In recent months the International Communist League (ICL) kickstarted discussions with B-L and eventually invited us to their international conference. Since then, B-L has been doing joint work the ICL’s Australian section the Spartacist League of Australia. This joint struggle of reorientating culminated in March when the SL/A and B-L held a joint Fusion Conference with the purpose of forging a revolutionary nucleus in Australia. We have since fused as a refounded Australian section of the International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist). Our new paper, Red Battler, can be read here, which further details our fusion as well as the program we have refounded ourselves on.


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