Who We Are

Our Positions and Prospects

For a Revolutionary Workers’ Party of Socialist Revolution!

We are a collection of individuals who see the need of a Marxist (i.e. Trotskyist) organisation in Australia. We defend the program of proletarian internationalism set by the Fourth International before it was destroyed by Pabloite liquidationism in the 1950s. As Marxists, we recognise that a workers’ revolution would entail liberation of all the oppressed of the world including workers, peasants, women, indigenous peoples, ethnic and religious minorities as well as lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people.

As it is impossible for socialism to exist in one country, we believe that for socialism to triumph international proletarian revolution, led by a vanguard party, needs to emerge victorious by smashing capitalism and establishing proletarian dictatorships. We recognise the need to defend the existing gains of the workers through class struggle including the unconditional defence of the states which already have had capitalism overthrown. That is, the deformed workers’ states which today includes China, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba. This is in spite of their existing Stalinist bureaucratic caste that sits atop them as that is the only way to prepare the way for proletarian political revolution to overthrow the bureaucracy. In Australia, counterrevolutionary hysteria has created an overpowering atmosphere of Yellow Peril where both the Chinese bureaucratic deformed state and Asians and other minorities in Australia are increasingly at risk to reactionary terror. We advocate for a worker’s party to smash this terror at its yoke, defending minorities in Australia and the deformed workers’ states internationally.

As we are scattered throughout the country and have no shared location for common work, we have decided that creating a group today would have no practical basis. As it stands, our current goal is to build towards the conditions where it would be ideal to make one. That is, a dedicated core of professional revolutionaries educated in Marxism physically concentrated in a city.

For a more detailed description of our positions as well as how they apply to Australia please click the button below to be linked to the programmatic document “For a Marxist Nucleus in Australia”.

Reforge the Fourth International!